Process Plants and Chemicals that Work Efficiently, Green!

Traiaqua has a strong focus on innovation and environmentally friendly Process Plants, especially Water Treatment Plants. In parallel with this, we are a chemicals manufacturer, that produces Paints, Detergents and Green Disinfectants and Green Biocides, amongst other.

Our process solutions & chemicals add more to your bottom line, never compromising on the quality of our solutions & Chemicals. Our local team has an excess of 50 years of experience Designing, Building and Operation & Maintenance of plants in the mining, oil and gas, food, wastewater, and manufacturing sectors. In addition to this, our range of green chemicals & disinfectants.

We can develop projects in conjunction with funding (where required). Our supply models are flexible and tailored to the individual needs of our clients.


115 Beaconsfield Ave, Primrose