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  • <span class="highlight">HEAVY-DUTY </span>TOWING AND RECOVERY SERVICES

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    Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery Services.
    We Recover and Collect your Truck & Trailer anywhere in Southern Africa.
    24 Hour Assistance, 7 Days a Week.
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    We are the Agents in Southern Africa for Metro Tow Truck Parts and Accessories.
    Contact us for all your Tow Truck part needs.



    We repair Cummins and Detroit Engines and do professional body repairs and spray painting on all trucks.


At Diesel Performance, our technicians and mechanics are highly qualified and stay current with the latest truck advancements. We are leaders in best industry practices and have extensive knowledge and experience. To support our customers, we offer payment options and credit facilities for those who qualify. We know the importance of keeping vehicles running smoothly, so we provide flexible payment plans for our regular clients. Our comprehensive contracts also offer coverage for breakdowns and unexpected road needs. As a preferred vendor for many insurance companies and a member of the National Towing Association, our clients can trust that they are in good hands during any business challenges. We are specialists in American truck and bus repairs and are dedicated to serving more businesses and expanding our services across Southern Africa.


Diesel Performance specialises in repairing and diagnosing American truck brands such as Cummins, Detroit Diesel, and Caterpillar, with a focus on engine and gearbox exchange services.


Diesel Performance specialises in heavy-duty truck towing and recovery, providing a 24/7 service throughout Southern Africa, including countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Diesel Performance carries a complete inventory of truck parts.

Contact us at 0861 TRUCKS (878 257) to inquire about available stock.

In addition, Diesel Performance provides rental services for equipment such as loaders, skips, and forklifts.

For more information, call 0861 TRUCKS (878 257) to speak with our team about equipment rental options.

Diesel Performance also offers scene cleanup services with a fleet of tippers, TLBs, skip bins, and loaders.

For more information, call 0861 TRUCKS (878 257) to speak with our team about these services.

Over 16 years’ experience in Truck repair, Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery


Local and Cross Border Experts Specialising in
– Towing   – Repairs   – Tow Truck Manufacturers /Sales

In 2000, we started as a mobile repair service for vehicles, but soon expanded into a full-service workshop for commercial vehicle repairs. Our skilled technicians and advanced equipment guarantee professional and accurate repairs.

With a focus on American trucks, we have become experts in Freightliner and International brands, earning a reputation for reliability and efficiency within the transportation industry. We also added towing and recovery services to meet our customers’ needs.

We have branches across sub-Saharan Africa, including locations in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

At Diesel Performance, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and treat them like family.

Our commitment to trust, integrity, and reliability has helped us build strong relationships with our clients. As an owner-operated business, we offer prompt, hassle-free service with a personal touch. We rise to any challenge and consistently deliver successful results, setting us apart from the competition.

Call us for your truck needs!






Diesel Performance is a unique towing company that not only has the expertise to recover vehicles in any situation but also has the ability to repair them in-house at our well-equipped workshop located in Benoni.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and equipment, allowing our skilled technicians and mechanics to quickly identify problems and offer effective solutions.

We keep parts and exchange units on-site for convenience and to minimize vehicle downtime.

With a capacity to hold up to 28 heavy-duty vehicles, our workshop is ready to serve your needs.

Call us for any repair needs!



With advanced towing equipment, Diesel Performance is equipped to handle even the most challenging recovery situations.

Our branches in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. allow for quick response times, so you won’t have to wait days for our recovery crew to arrive.

One call to us will handle all aspects of the situation; our skilled technicians are ready for on-site repairs and towing, with the goal of getting your vehicle running again as soon as possible.

We prioritize meeting our client’s needs and always aim to exceed expectations, making us the top choice for recovery and clean-up services.

Our services include lifting, moving, or salvaging loads, as well as providing load clean-up services to ensure the area is safe and compliant with road traffic regulations.

Diesel Performance has got you covered in Zimbabwe and Zambia!

Call us for any towing needs!



At Diesel Performance Towing (DPT), we are proud to be the sole agent for Metro Tow Trucks equipment in Southern Africa. This partnership allows us to provide our customers with the latest and most advanced towing and recovery technology available in the market. Our passion and expertise in the towing industry is reflected in every tow truck we bring to life, ensuring that we provide the best service possible to our clients.

Our INT-35 unit is a versatile and reliable heavy wrecker that is perfect for a wide range of towing and recovery tasks. This unit is designed to work with loads up to 35 tons, making it ideal for everything from tractor trailers to recovery calls. The INT-35 is equipped with cutting-edge features that make it easier for operators to perform their jobs, including ergonomic design, intuitive controls, and advanced safety features.

The INT-60 is a powerhouse in our towing fleet. It is the king of the INT series, combining tough towing and recovery performance with reliability and practicality. The INT-60 is built to handle the most demanding jobs, making it an ideal choice for those who need a heavy-duty towing and recovery unit. With its massive size and capacity, the INT-60 is a force to be reckoned with on the road.

The Metro RTR-50 is a versatile and powerful towing unit that provides the perfect balance between size and capacity. This unit is designed for heavy-duty towing and recovery tasks, and its 360° continuous motion and sliding options make it possible to reach and lift loads in any situation. The RTR-50 is a reliable and efficient towing and recovery unit that is sure to impress.

At DPT, we work hard to provide our clients with the best service possible. Our skilled technicians and mechanics are equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and equipment, allowing them to quickly assess problems and provide do-able solutions. Our workshop can accommodate up to 28 heavy-duty vehicles at any given time, and we stock parts and exchange units on our premises to minimize downtime for our clients.

We understand the importance of timely and efficient service, which is why we have branches in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our recovery crew is on call 24/7 and is always ready to arrive at the scene of an accident or breakdown. We work hard to satisfy our clients’ needs and will go above and beyond to make accommodations and ensure that our clients’ vehicles are fixed and running as quickly as possible.

In addition to towing and recovery services, we also offer load clean-up services to ensure that the area is cleaned up and safe as soon as possible. Our cutting-edge towing equipment is capable of handling even the trickiest recovery jobs, and our skilled technicians are trained to perform on-site repairs to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

In conclusion, Diesel Performance Towing is dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible towing and recovery services in Southern Africa. With our extensive experience, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to excellence, we are confident that we will continue to be leaders in the truck repair and towing industry. Call us today at 0861 TRUCKS (878 257) to find out more about our services.

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